Vibration Sensors

GST stocks an unrivalled range of vibration sensors, for all types of displacement, velocity and acceleration measurement.

Displacement and proximity sensors are all Eddy current devices with operating ranges of 1mm to 25mm, and all are supplied with high performance preamplifiers.

For velocity measurement GST supplies moving coil (magnetoelectric) sensors for ultra-low frequency velocity measurement, in addition to standard piezoelectric velocity transducers for more routine applications. Piezoelectric velocity transducers employ built-in precision integrating circuits to derive velocity from acceleration.

GST’s range of acceleration transducers is very extensive. From uni-directional and tri-axial piezoelectric devices for general purpose vibration and shock measurement, through capacitance accelerometers (for measurement down to DC) and calibration accelerometers, to more specialist products like wireless acceleration nodes and combination sensors (e.g. combined temperature and acceleration transducers).

The range includes accelerometers with integral electronics (IEPE), isolated output devices (both of which are often preferred for condition monitoring and other industrial applications), DC-supply devices, circuit board mounting devices, and both 2-wire and 4-wire smart TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) plug-and-play transducers.

Accelerometers are supplied to meet the extremes of vibration measurement needs, be it ultra low frequency, high shock (up to 50000g), extreme temperature (up to 500°C), high sensitivity (e.g. 1000pC/msˉ²) or high stability.

In addition to the vibration sensors themselves GST also supplies all the necessary accessories, amplifiers, signal conditioners, data acquisition systems and analysis software packages to enable the construction of complete measurement systems.