Force, Load & Pressure Sensors

GST supplies an extensive range of force, load and pressure sensors and transducers.

The force transducers are piezoelectric devices and come in compression-only and combined tension and compression configurations. Specialist tri-combination force, tension and compression devices are also stocked. Force sensors are supplied in annular ring (through hole), compressive disk and inline threaded designs. Sensors exist for loads up to 600kN and frequency responses up to 70kHz.

Load cells (weight transducers) are supplied for loads of up to 2000kN; they come in canister, compressive disk, annular (through hole) and beam designs, and some have integral LED load read-outs. All load cells are strain-based devices.

GST supplies two types of pressure transducer: piezoelectric pressure sensors and strain-based pressure sensors. Pressures of up to 200MPa can be measured with frequency responses of up to 200kHz.

Impedance heads (combined force and acceleration sensors) are also stocked, for modal analysis and structural testing purposes. Similarly, GST supplies several types of impact hammers for force introduction of up to 60kN. Each impact hammer is supplied complete with a matched piezoelectric force transducer.

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