High temperature piezoelectric accelerometer CA-YD-112A

High temperature piezoelectric accelerometer CA-YD-112A

Quick Overview

The CA-YD-112A is a high temperature piezoelectric accelerometer

Product specifications include: 0 to 100g | 5.0pC/m/s² | 1Hz to 4kHz | -54°C to +250°C | Side output | Plane shear | High temperature | Suitable for general vibration measurement | Ground isolation




  • Condition Monitor
  • High Temperature
  • Charge output


  • Lower noise cable( 2m) one
  • Mount Screw one


Sensitivity (20±5℃) 5pC/ms-2
Transverse Sensitivity ≤10%
Mounting Resonance Frequency 15,000 Hz
Frequency Range(±0.5dB) 5 to 3,000 Hz
Isolation Impedance >1010Ω
Isolation Impedance (pin to case) >108 Ω
Capacitance 3000pF
Operational Temp Range -54 to +250℃
Shock Limit(±peak) 2000g Magnetic Sensitivity 0.2g/T Base Strain Sensitivity 3mg/με
Thermal Transient Sensitivity 0.2g/℃ (0.3Hz)
Weigh 100 g
Case Material Stainless steel
Mounting Method 3-M4 or M5 (center) Sensing Element BST
Output Type 2-pins,side (case isolation)

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