Capacitance accelerometer CA-DR-050

Capacitance accelerometer CA-DR-050

Quick Overview

The CA-DR-050 is a capacitance accelerometer

Product specifications include: ±50g | 38 ±10% mV/g | DC to 400Hz | -40°C to +85°C | 4-core wire output | Differential capacitance | Single-axis measurement | +6 to +16 VDC power supply | Easy to use

SKU: CA-DR-050



  • Based on differential capacitance


  • Wide frequency response from DC to 400Hz


  • Stable performance


  • Easy to use.



  • Calibration chart Four M2.5×20 screws


  • 3 core integral shielded cable (x2m)



Sensitivity (at 20°±5C) 25mV/m/s2±10%
Measurement range ±50 m/s2
Transverse sensitivity ≤5 %
Non-linearity ≤0.5%
Frequency range 0 to 500 Hz
Mounted resonance Frequency 5,000 Hz
Temperature range -40 to +85 °C
Temperature sensitivity 0.1 mV/°C
Shock limit (No Supply) ±5000 m/s2
Power supply +6 to +16 VDC
Operating current ≤3mA
Offset voltage 2.5±0.1VDC
Noise (100Hz) <0.05mVrms
Output impedance <100 Ω
Weight 20 g
Case material Stainless Steel
Mounting 4-Φ2.8 hole



Calibration chart 1
M2.5×20 screws 4

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