IEPE signal conditioner YE3822A

Quick Overview

The YE3822A is an IEPE signal conditioner

Product specifications include: ±5V | Gain 1,10 (switchable) | 0.3Hz to 101kHz | 0°C to +40°C | Single channel | Internal or external power supply | Suitable for field use

SKU: YE3822A



  • Internal 9V battery or external DC power supply


  • ICPE sensor supply and signal amplification.


  • ×1 or ×10 for signal amplification


  • Wide frequency bandwidth


  • Low battery warning


  • Operating status indications



Input cable 2 metre coaxial cable with BNC sockets
Output cable 2 metre coaxial cable with BNC sockets
Power supply cable 9V battery



Input channel one
Input voltage range -5V to 5V peak (ICPE transducers output)
Supply voltage to transducer 24V DC
Supply current to transducer 2mA
Coupling capacitance 33µF
Output voltage -5V to +5V peak
Gains ×1, ×10
Accuracy ≤±1.0%
DC offset ±10mV
Noise ≤1mVrms
Upper cutoff frequency 100kHz
Lower cutoff frequency 0.05Hz
Power supplies internal 9V battery and external 5 to 24V DC supply



Dimensions 60mm(W) × 25mm(H) × 100mm(D)
Weight 300g
Electrical connection BNC plugs for both input and output



Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C
Storage temperature -55°C to 85°C
Maximum humidity 95% RH

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