Pre-amplifier for use with YE62-series data acquisition systems YE5864B

Quick Overview

The YE5864B is a pre-amplifier for use with YE62-series data acquisition systems

Product specifications include: ±5V / ±500000pC | Gain 1 to 1000 (software control) | 0.3Hz to 30kHz | -10°C to 50°C | PE/IEPE input | 2 channels | Double integral circuit

SKU: YE5864B



  • Gain adjustable from 1 to 1000.
  • Single/double channels, automatic identification.
  • Charge/IEPE input mode, Provide IEPE exciting source.
  • Hardware double integral circuit, can test velocity and displacement via accelerometer.
  • Plug-in, supporting YE6267 / YE6268 dynamic data acquisition system.

Technical Specifications:

Numbers of Channel YE5861A: 1CH; YE5861B: 2CH
Input Range Charge: ±50000Pc; IEPE:±5Vp
Input Impedance >100M Ω
Bridge Resistance 120 to 2000 Ω with K=2.00
IEPE exciting source 4mA/+24VDC
Noise <5 μ V (RTI)
Gain 1 to 1000 (adjustable)
Double Integral 1Hz/10Hz selectable, Testing acceleration, velocity, displacement, accuracy:<±3%
Accuracy <±1%
Frequency Range Charge/IEPE: 0.3Hz to 30kHz (-3dB)
Low-pass Filter 10 to 30kHz pre-set or automatic set according to sampling rate (Corner:- 3dB±1dB,-12dB/OCT)
Temperature Operating: -10°C to 50°C; Storage: -55°C to 85°C
Humidity 85%R.H. Max.
Supply Power YE6267/YE6268 Host Case
Input Type PE:L5 (10-32); IEPE:BNC
Accessories Input Cables

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