Pre-amplifier for use with YE62-series data acquisition systems YE3823B

Quick Overview

The YE3823B is a pre-amplifier for use with YE62-series data acquisition systems

Product specifications include: ±5V | Gain 1 to 1000 (software control) | IEPE: 0.3Hz to 30kHz, voltage: DC to 30kHz | -10°C to 50°C | YE6267/YE6268 host case | V/IEPE input | 2 channels | Double integral circuit

SKU: YE3823B



  • Selectable input types: ICPE and voltage
  • Multiple capabilities of input signal conditioning: filtering, amplification
  • 3U card module compatible with data acquisition systems: Model YE6261B, YE6262A, YE6262B etc.
  • Input status indication


Number of input YE3823 A: 1CH; YE3823 B: 2CH; YE3823 C: 4CH
Gain 1,10,100,1000 selectable
High pass filter V: DC/AC; ICPE: 0.3Hz
Lower pass filter 10Hz-100kHz Anti-aliasing filter
Accuracy <±0.5%
Hardware double integral 1Hz, 10Hz selectable, testing acceleration, velocity, displacement, accuracy <±3%
ICPE constant current 4mA/+24V
Input/output range ±5V
Noise <1mV(RTI)
Plug-in card Dynamic data acquisition system rack model YE6268, YE6267 etc

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