Low frequency, high sensitivity piezoelectric accelerometer CA-YD-117

Low frequency, high sensitivity piezoelectric accelerometer CA-YD-117

Quick Overview

The CA-YD-117 is a low frequency, high sensitivity piezoelectric accelerometer

Product specifications include: 0 to 150g | 50pC/m/s² | 0.2Hz to 3kHz | -40°C to +150°C | Side output | Plane shear | Designed for low frequency measurement | High sensitivity | Suitable for low vibration level measurement

SKU: CA-YD-117



  • General purpose vibration and shock measurement
  • No supply required
  • Charge output
  • Low cost


  • Calibration chart
  • M5 to M5 stud
  • M5 to M8 stud
  • Protective cap
  • STYV-1 cable, fitted with L5 connectors (2m)


Sensitivity (at 20±5°C) 50pC/ms-2
Transverse sensitivity ≤5%
Frequency response see graph below
Frequency range (1dB) 0.2Hz to 3kHz
Mounted resonance 10kHz
Temperature response see graph below
Output phase in phase with input
Isolation resistance >109 Ω
Capacitance 2000pF


Temperature range -40 to +150 °C
Shock limit 1,500 ms-2
Thermal transient sensitivity 3×10-2 ms-2/°C (0.3Hz)
Magnetic sensitivity 10 ms-2/T
Base strain sensitivity 2×10-3 ms-2/με


Weight 50g
Case material stainless steel
Mounting M5 stud
Sensing element PZT-5
Sensor design plane shear
Electrical connection side L5 connector


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