Combined acceleration and temperature sensor CA-YD-142

Quick Overview

The CA-YD-142 is a combined acceleration and temperature sensor

Product specifications include: 10g to 50g | Accel. 10-50mV/g; Temp. ±0.5°C | 1Hz to 4,000 Hz | -40 to +120°C | Integrated cable | Plane shear | Isolated output | Digital temperature signal output | Multi-function

SKU: CA-YD-142



  • Built-in IC preamplifier, Isolated Output
  • Digital Acceleration and Temperature output
  • Suitable for condition monitoring


Acceleration Sensitivity (20±5°C) 10-50 mV/g
Transverse sensitivity ≤5 %
Frequency Range 1 to 4,000 Hz
Acceleration Measurement Range 10-50 g
Polarity Positive
Mounted Resonance Frequency 20kHz
Output Impedance < 100 Ω
DC Offset Voltage 12±2VDC
Output Signal (peak) ≤5Vp
Accuracy (Digital output) ±0.5℃ -55 to +85℃
Temperature Measure Range minus 55 to +125 ℃
Isolated Impedance(Signal Pin to Case) ≥108Ω
Operating Temp. Range minus 40 to +120 ℃
Shock Limit 500 g
Power Supply ±5 to ±12VDC
Weight 28 g
Case Material Stainless steel
Mounting Method M12
Sensing Element PZT-5
Structural Design Shear
Output Type 7-pins cable

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