General purpose charge amplifier YE5851A

Quick Overview

The YE5851A is a general purpose charge amplifier

Product specifications include: ±1000pC | Gain: 1,10,100 (customized) | 1Hz to 100kHz | 0°C to +40°C | Charge: ±103 pC (Max) | Small size | Dual power supply | Small, rugged, quakeproof, hermetically sealed

SKU: YE5851A



  • Small, rugged, quakeproof, hermetic.
  • Suitable for laboratories and fields test.
  • Fixed gain and sensitivity normalized.
  • YE5851A: Dual power supply
  • YE5851B: Single power supply
  • YE5851C: Dual power supply, Differential charge input

Technical Specifications:

Input Range  Charge: ±103 pC (Max)
Output Range   ±10VP/5mA ( Max)
DC Offset  YE5851A/C: ≤±50mV(dual power)
YE5851B: ½VCC±50 mV(single power)
Overload Impedance  ≥2kΩ
Noise  ≤0.01pC(referred to input)
Gain  1-100mV/pC (default: 100 mV/pC)
Accuracy  ≤±1%
Transducer sensitivity adjustment  Built-in calibration resistance (Gain is set 100 mV/pC, or matched sensors sensitivity)
Low Pass Filter  ≤100kHz (: -3dB±1dB, -12dB/OCT)
High Pass Filter  1Hz(-3dB ±1dB, -6dB/OCT)
Temperature  Operating: 0°C to 40°C; Storage: -55°C to 85°C
Humidity  95%R.H.(Max)
Power Supply  YE5851A/C: ±6 to ±15VDC; YE5851B:+12 to +30VDC
Dimensions  50mmW×32mmH×100mmD
Weight  0.25Kg
Connection  Input: YE5851A/B:L5; YE5851C: four-core special input socket Output: 4-wire plug
Input Cable  YE5851A/B: double-ended L5 STYV-1 low noise cable (2m) YE5851C:special input cable
Output Cable  Four-core cable with aviation plug

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