Signal Analysis & Modal Analysis Software

Data Processing & Signal Analysis Software

  • Data pretreatment and format conversion.
  • General frequency domain analysis: auto power spectrum, transfer function (FRF), correlation, synchronous average, histogram, realtime zoom, data recording and playback analysis, data export, report generation, waterfall plots, demodulation, etc.
  • Acoustic analysis: octave-based analysis, sound power, sound quality, acoustic intensity, etc.
  • Signal generators: sine, swept-sine, random, pseudo-random, white noise, pink noise, etc.

N-Modal Test & Analysis Software

N-Modal ODS
Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis
N-Modal EMA
Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA)
N-Modal OMA
Operational Modal Analysis (OMA)

Modal Identification

  • Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) narrow band identification to identify modes one by one, and also to identify modes in selected frequency bands; one Single Input Multiple Output (SIMO) and two Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) algorithms are included
  • Simple and reliable Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) identification to distinguish between close modes
  • MIMO identification to deal with closely-spaced or repeated modes for complex engineering structures
  • Modal Indication Function (MIF) to indicate structural modes
  • The total number of modes is limited only by computer performance
  • Powerful modules for time domain and frequency domain analysis, including Operational Deflected Shape (ODS) estimation and visualisation
  • A powerful module for Modal Assurance Criterion (MAC) estimation and visualisation (with both 3D bar graph and value table outputs)
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