Power amplifier YE5871A

Quick Overview

The YE5871A is a power amplifier

Product specifications include: ±10V | Constant voltage type 10V/V±2dB (1kHz) | DC input: 0 to15kHz ±0.5dB, AC input: 20Hz to 50kHz ±1dB, full power 5Hz-10kHz, half power 0-50kHz | ≤85°C ±5°C | 100W (16V 6A) | Low distortion | Thermal protection | Singal indication

SKU: YE5871A



  • Indicator for voltage and current output
  • Indicator for output signal
  • Output current can be adjusted from 2A to 10A
  • Hot protect for output transistor
  • Indicator for output transistor invalidation
  • Constant current and constant voltage output
  • For vibration test to drive JZK-10 modal shaker


Technical Specifications:

Input impedance ≥ 10k Ω
Rated power output 100VArms
Rated voltage output 10Vrms
Rated current output 10Arms
Non-linearity distortion <1%
Signal / Noise rate Constant Voltage ≥ 70dB;Constant Current ≥ 60dB
Indicator meter tolerance < ± 8%
Temperature Operating: 0°C to 70°C; Storage: -55°C to 85°C
Moisture Maximum 90%R.H.
Frequency Range (Hz) DC input 0 to15kHz±0.5Db; AC input 20 to 50kHz±1dB Full power 5-10kHz, half power 0-50kHz
Current output limited 2-10Arms (modifiable)
Temperature limit of transistor ≤ 85°C±5°C
Dimensions 400mm (W) 144mm (H) 240mm (D)
Weight Approximately 10.5Kg
Constant voltage type 5V/V±2dB (1kHz)
Constant current type 8A/V±2dB (1kHz)
Power source AC220V(+5%~-10%)50Hz 2A
Input cable One 2m double-BNC cable
Output cable One 4-core cable
Power supply cable One AC supply cable
Fuse Four 5A ( Ф 6mm×30mm)


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