Sensor calibrator YE5503

Sensor calibrator YE5503

Quick Overview

The YE5503 is a sensor calibrator

Product specifications include: 5g | 10Hz to 10kHz | 0°C to +50°C | LCD display | Adjustable amplitude and frequency | Ideal for field calibration work

SKU: YE5503



  • Charge accelerometer, IEPE(ICP) accelerometer and velocity transducer calibration
  • Adjustable amplitude and frequency
  • Digital display of sensitivity value
  • Accurate vibration source
  • Different signal inputs and outputs
  • Quick calibration of accelerometers, velocity sensors and measurement systems in field and laboratory.


  • Transducer built in accelerometer
  • Cable 1 metre coaxial cable with L5 connectors
  • Power cable AC power supply cable


Max. Input Acceleration ±1000pc for charge accelerometer
±1000mv for IEPE (ICP) accelerometer
Amplitude error ≤±5%
External frequency range 10Hz to 10kHz (sinusoidal)
Frequency error ≤±1%
Waveform sinusoidal
Waveform distortion ≤±3%
Accelerometer weights ≤200g
Transducer types A: charge accelerometer (connecting to Q input)
B: IEPE (ICP) accelerometer
C: voltage output velocity transducer (connecting to V input)
Output charge range -1000pC to +1000pC
Output voltage range -10V to 10V peak
Power supplies External: AC220V 50Hz±10%0.3A Internal: 24V/1.5A chargeable battery


Dimensions 350mm (W) ×150mm (H) ×250mm (D)
Weight 6.5kg
Accelerometer mounting M5 stud


Operating temperature 0°C to 50°C
Storage temperature -55°C to 85°C
Maximum humidity 95% RH

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