Modal shaker JZK-40

Modal shaker JZK-40

Quick Overview

The JZK-40 is a modal shaker

Product specifications include: 0 to 400N | DC to 2kHz | 0°C to +40°C | Mandrill | Compact size | Light weight | High reliability




  • Small vibrator
  • Small size, light weight
  • Reasonable structure, high reliability
  • Used as the vibrating measurement and calibration of sensors and small parts.



Rating output (peak) N Sine/random 400/280
Frequency range of use (Hz) DC – 2,000
Max rating acceleration (peak) g 48.5
Max rating displacement (mm) ±12.5mm
Maximum current (Arms) 28
Elastic support stiffness (N/mm) 3
Equivalent mass of movable parts (Kg) 0.85
Main resonance frequency (Hz) >1500
Weight (including base ) Kg 25
Force constant (N/A) 11.3
Suggested power amplifier YE5874A 800W
Diameter (mm) Ω190
Height (mm) 345
Base (mm) 220 x 180
Moving coil DC resistance (Ω) 0.6
Non-linearity ≤3% (for the max shaking force)
Operating temperature -30 C – 70 C
Storage temperature -55 C – 85 C
Humidity 95%R.H.(max)
Input type Four core socket
Output type Connection pole

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